I love my job. I get new toys  all the time. We just got a Nifty Lift TM50, A 50 foot towable aerial lift. It makes it easy to get to those jobs we have been putting off here "on my acre" . Gutters, Overgrown trees, Painting and that roof vent.

New Solo Demo saw.This saw mixes the gas for you . No more worring about 2 cycle gas. Still light weight. Easy to start with automatic choke.
It has been a eventfull summer.
Our family got larger.
My new Grandson son
Otto Muir Wampler joined us 7.22.17. Otto is a happy little guy.
Donna got to be in Santa Monica and see Otto the next day. Gramma Donna could not be happier.

At the Store ,after 57 years we put in A/C. It is nice .
A special thanks to John from Volmmer Plumbing who made cooling our office painless.
old Front door
New""hipster front Door .
We have changed the door customers enter the store .
Signs,Lighted arrows nothing works. People still tug at the old locked door. I guess we are creatures of habit.