My oldest son Keith worked as a mechanic and manger while getting his undergrad .

 This is my youngest son Zachary.
Zak Is our manager , mechanic,
IT department, customer service,  and more.


If you have been by our store you know
  I have left someone out.

We Rent It was started by Bob Wampler in 1960  .
Bob Got into the rental business after returning from the Korean war . He enjoyed working with people and knew trailers and equipment, it seemed like a good fit. I grew up watching my father build a business from scratch. 
We lost him in September 2010.
We miss ya boss.


 Hi, my name is

Here my Grand son getting his first lesson.

After my guys got into school my wife Donna came on board to run the counter and back office

As soon as the kids were off to school  my mom, Fern jumped in  helping make sense of the paperwork and helping customers.

"I took the Road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
                           Robert Frost

We Rent It,inc
   World Headquarters
You can not be a "real" rental guy without knowing how to drive a skidsteer